arthiritisArthritis is a disorder in the musculoskeletal system that involves inflammation of one or more joints. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and it affects hips, knees and spine. It occurs due to the wear and tear of the joints and causes pain, stiffness and affects mobility. It is a physical condition that mostly affects the elderly but anyone can get diagnosed with arthritis.

Like many of you might already know there are several treatments available for arthritis and related stiffness. From pain killer tablets to injections that can last for more than three months, you have several options but it may not suit everyone.


The treatment

Our qualified osteopath will start off by examining your condition and the treatment will be done accordingly. We do not recommend consume of pain killers or anti-inflammatories because it is out of our authorization. The treatment is focused on improving the structure and function of the body by natural means, and not just the symptoms.

Depending upon the intensity of the problem we will arrange for treatment. For some, according to your condition, your recovery can be a lot quicker while others with a more severe injury will require more treatment. Our aim is to help the patient recover as soon as possible.


How can Osteopathy help?

Our treatment will help improve mobility, reduces pain and eases swelling. Together with other forms of arthritis treatment (If required), the focus will not only be the problem area but your entire body will be focused. Hence, it will provide you overall improvement.

You will be taught certain exercise so that the problem doesn’t persist. Osteopathy may not be the ultimate treatment, in severe cases of disc protrusion or degeneration you may have to undergo surgery; in such a case osteopathy may help you recover sooner with follow up. There are patients who thought that pain killers were their only way to feel normal again, but after our treatment many of them feel better leading a normal life.


headacheHeadache arises from the head or upper neck of the body, and it can range from a dull ache to severe pain. While stress and eye strain are common causes amongst patients because of the demanding lifestyle and other causes like poor posture, whiplash injury&cervical misalignment.

Patients tend to avoid treatment by self medication and some patients are guilty of doing so. However, you must try and understand that it provides temporary relief and using medications for prolonged period may have adverse affect on your health.


The treatment

Osteopathy will go to the root cause and help remove the problem from its root. The treatment will begin with a series of simple movements and tests to get to know the real cause of the problem. The treatment takes a whole body approach instead of just focusing upon the troubled area. The treatment is a combination of stretching, soft tissue technique, articulation and spinal adjustments.

The approach is different for different types of headaches. For example; the treatment for someone suffering from sinus congestion will be totally different from the one that will be offered to someone who had a cervical misalignment.

How can Osteopathy help?

Once the treatment starts you will feel the improvement in your general mobility, reduced muscular tension, nerve compression and inflammation. It will also help improve blood supply and drainage.

Our treatment doesn’t end with the therapy session. We make sure that our patients are improving day by day. Thus the osteopath will give you advice on how to stay healthy and avoid injuries. Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a drug free treatment that you may not find relief but improvement will be experienced gradually.



   slider1At times it happens due to turning, twisting even by sleeping in a wrong posture. Neck pain may cause shoulder pain or numbness and tension headaches or dizziness. At times it can happen due to upper back problems too.

Neck pain may appear to be common, and many patients might not take it seriously and might turn to pain killers. However, getting professional advice is the safest way to go.


The treatment

Osteopathic treatment begins with a thorough examination of the parts in question. The physical examination might be a bit more extensive but this is what will help identify the root cause of the problem. After analyzing the problem we will start off with soft tissue massage which may be followed by articulation and manipulation for joint release where necessary with futher treatment (if required).

How can Osteopathy help?

Osteopathy is a holistic profession. It concentrates on all the parts hence you will find improvement in general mobility, reduced nerve compression and inflammation. It aims at correcting all spinal misalignments.

We believe in overall treatment, thus it does not end with the therapy session. Even during the session our practitioner will advice you and guide you to a healthy lifestyle by recommending healthy eating habits and reasonable exercise.



Osteopathy_largeOur lower back supports the weight of our upper body. It provides structural support as well as protection of body parts, hence proper functioning of lower back is important. From a minor strain to disk degeneration, disk injury, degenerative spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis the reason for the pain can be anything. From minor and severe pain to problem with mobility lower back pain can interfere with your daily life.

There are plenty of treatments available for lower back pain and at times depending upon the problem you might have to opt for surgery. But even after the surgery you might not find complete relief, that’s when osteopathy will come to your rescue.It will add to your treatment by relieving tension and stiffness.


The treatment

The treatment starts with a thorough checkup to know the root cause of the problem. Once the cause is known your treatment will begin which may involve joint mobilization and manipulation, stabilization exercises, and flexion etc.

Not every treatment is the same it depends upon the intensity of the problem and the symptoms. Lower back pain usually does not go away overnight. It takes a while to heal, so it might take three to four sessions for some and might take longer depending upon the intensity of the problem.

How can Osteopathy help?

Not only will you be able to feel the difference in your back but you could feel as if you have been rejuvenated as osteopathy tries to focus upon your entire body. Not only your muscle strength but it helps improve the blood circulation in the area where you are having the problem.

Lower back pain is such that it might come back if you do not take proper care. Thus the osteopath will advise you to develop certain habits that will help you not to repeat the same problem and injury.



slider3Everyone who plays sports knows how frustrating sports related injury can be. At times all you need is crepe bandage, other times you may have to go through physical therapy along with medication for months. Sports injury will interfere with your daily life. It may vary from a normal muscle sprain to shoulder and wrist injury-it cannot fall under any particular category as every sport involves different risks.

Here’s what we can treat

  • Muscle strain like hamstring, groin strain and calf
  • Knee, hip, neck and back sprain
  • Knee, ankle and leg injury
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist injuries

When you suffer from any sports injury it reduces your joint and muscle flexibility which indeed hampers your performance. Without the right treatment it is not easy to get back to your normal life. Medications are important and they will help you recover from sports injury but to completely recover and to get back to the sport you will need something more than just medication together with osteopathy.

How can Osteopathy help?

At first you will be tested for the injury and if you have been diagnosed then your previous medical records will be checked. Then the treatment will start depending upon your problem. The treatment will focus not only on the injury but it will help restore your structural balance, improve joint mobility and reduce adhesions and soft tissue restrictions.

The base of the treatment will be the same in every case; which is to improve your overall health but the treatment will be different for different problems. By the time the treatment ends you should feel relieved and rejuvenated and ready to hit the ground again. We understand how important it is to live your life to the fullest thus the osteopath will give you advice that will help you recover quickly from any sort of injury in the future.



osteopathylumberrollThoracic vertebrae consist of the upper and middle back, thus a pain in this region is also called middle and upper back pain. It is a very common amongst men and women of all ages especially at this age of technology where people are spending a lot of hours in front of the computer. The most common cause is muscular irritation and soft tissue problem that arises due to poor posture, overuse injuries, trauma or may be due to primary and secondary (osteoporosis).

The treatment

Just like all the other forms of treatment in osteopathy the treatment begins with a checkup to identify and analyses the root cause of your upper thoracic pain. Many times upper thoracic pain is connected with the lifestyle and profession. After diagnosing the problem the osteopath will start the treatment which will include soft tissue massage, and pinal manipulation to provide you relief from the pain.

How can Osteopathy help?

The treatment will not only reduce the pain in upper and middle back but it will help improve your general mobility, reduce nerve compression, inflammation and muscular tension.

Our experience shows that osteopathy can be of great benefit to the health of the whole body. We cannot make all people young but we can keep them going pain-free the natural way.