Our Services

The osteopaths will help you with musculoskeletal problems like sports injury, neck pain, arthritis, lower back pain, upper thoracic pain, and headache. Our experts use the following techniques to help you get rid of the problem:

  • Soft Tissue Massage-It basically focuses upon muscles, tendons and ligaments. It includes different massage depths and pressure which helps to improve blood circulation, decrease pain and increase muscle flexibility.
  • Vibro Massage-Special mechanical devices are used to pass vibration onto the surface of the body. It is a completely safe approach and can be used on everyone depending upon the problem. It helps to relax the muscles and improves blood circulation.
  • Heat Therapy and Ultrasound-It is a combination that creates ultrasonic vibration creating mechanical and thermal action to help you recover from the pain. The heat therapy helps you recover from muscle spasm in a very effective manner.

We also use joint mobilization and manipulation. It’s not just about the treatment we also recommend vitamin and mineral supplements which will help improve your health.


We are helping those suffering from musculoskeletal problems since 1977, and ever since we have continued and keep growing until today. We understand your needs and requirements hence we do our best to provide you with the best possible treatment, hence we use the latest techniques and technology to treat you. The best thing is that everyone can be benefitted with our service there is no age limit. We use special painless techniques so that you are comfortable with the treatment.